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It’s the time again; time to gush over how great the Airstream community is.  We headed down to Braunig Lake RV Resort in San Antonio on Saturday to join in the festivities of the Texas Vintage Airstream Rally.  This time we came with WBCCI membership form in hand and are now official members of the Highland Lakes unit of Region 9.

Let’s backtrack a little and point out that neighbors from a house we pass on our dog-walking circuit stopped by last weekend with information about the rally.  They explained that they too had an Airstream, had stopped multiple times to admire ours in the drive, and were hoping we’d join them at the rally.  Well, of course we were already going, but now we had friends there (and it didn’t take long to make more).

We arrived in the Braunig Lake area a few hours prior to the start of the open “house.” Little did we realize that stopping for lunch consisted of eating at the sole establishment, a burger joint, in the whole area.  Of course, that’s where the rest of the ‘Streamers were chowing down as well.  Don’t worry, the unit ribbons didn’t give them away at all, it was the smiling faces…

We headed over to the campground about 15 minutes prior to the official start of activities.  We were greeted by no less than 6 people directing us where to park and where to get voting slips (did I mention the competitiveness of the club members?).  I immediately spotted Marcus from Austin Aluminitus fame (recognized by remembering his infamous photo standing on the ground through his Airstream frame).  We chatted briefly and then were joined by Steve, aka SoldierMedic, who is also under major renovations.  We met some Austin friends (no blog yet, I’m working on them) and started the whirlwind tour of 45 vintage Airstreams in about three hours time.

We saw all sorts of rigs: full-timers, “show trailers,” family heirlooms, party campers.  The only consistent part of the tour was the friendly, helpful people we met along the way.

airstream line-up

I want to take a minute and point out how much the Airstream gang likes to party. Sure, you might say, what do a bunch of semi- and retired aluminum fanatics know about partying?  Well, maybe they are naturally drawn to beverages served in aluminum cans but I have to say, between the free-flowing wine and multiple margarita machines, everyone was having a pretty good time (not to mention the odd can or case of PBR and Schlitz). Heck, they threw a birthday party in between a couple of Airstreams for anyone and everyone that had a birthday somewhere around the beginning of February. Sign me up!

Since we were new members and all, we were invited to stay for the catered dinner.  Unfortunately some last minute birthday plans came up and we were whisked back to Austin.

We’re looking forward to getting to know members of the unit better over the course of the next few months as we continue our own project.  I’m definitely hitting up the monthly lunch at Luby’s in NW Austin since it’s close to the office.  We were strongly encouraged to attend the next few rallies around Central Texas, Airstream in tow or not, just for some fun.  We’ll plan on it!

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  2. Nice to find your blog on here, and meeting you in Texas. Mind if I add it to my streaming soldiers blog?

    Great shots from the rally!