The last two weekends were spent riveting. Last weekend we got the awning rail reattached to the Airstream. It was slow-going since the Vulkem was stiff because of the cold. We applied butyl tape along the length of the trailer and then clecoed/riveted the rail in place. The rail seems to be holding well and the rain ran straight off over the past few days.

Today the kitchen fan vent cover was replaced. We’ve had a polycarbonate replacement from Vintage Trailer Supply for a while now. Instead of trying to match all of the old holes, we got the center one aligned and then drilled new. The old holes were Vulkemed over and then the vent cover sandwiched a strip of butyl tape to the curved exterior panel. Clecos kept everything aligned as the rivets went in. We’ve taken to applying Vulkem to each rivet before it is fastened to create a seal on the post and head. They seem to be watertight.

Tomorrow the plan is to attach a few of the plumbing stack vent covers. Assuming all of those go well, we’ll be removing the air conditioner frame, sealing with 6 mil poly for now, and then prepping the final two window areas for replacement next week. Then it’s time for the true leak test. Assuming the Airstream passes with flying colors, we’ll be making a trip to McCoy’s for the plywood flooring.

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