As promised, we ripped into the Airstream’s flooring Sunday.  Let’s just rub it in a bit that it was 75 degrees and sunny.  Not bad for renovation weather.  Anyway, we started by detaching the fresh water tank (completely, totally nasty inside), unhooking the water pump, and removing the fold-out table. From there it was on to rivet drilling.  How much fun!  We pulled out the front lower panels from the door around to the street-side window.  That panel seems to run from the window to the bedroom, so we have a bit of cabinetry removal before that piece comes out.

We could already see that the bolts around the floor edge were rusted. We also saw on closer inspection that the Airstream floor had been repaired in the past as it was held in by multiple screws, nails and a few elevator bolts. It took careful scraping with a dental pick to remove the rust from the screw heads so that a screwdriver would bite enough to back them out.   We tackled the rusted bolts with the Dremel and heavy duty cutting disks.  We’re getting through about one bolt per disk.  Not exactly speedy; we’ll need to research some reinforced disks for this work.

Today we had a little daylight after work so we prodded and pried a two-foot wide board out in front of the door.  We had to chisel around the elvator bolts to remove the wood.  There’s still one bolt attaching the shell to the floor that only allows us to hinge the board up, but we can see underneath and… surprise! the steel looks pretty good.  Sure, there is surface rust, but it’s nothing like the rotted out mess we expected.

We agreed to spend another night this week consolidateing/tidying the garage to make room for the removed woodwork.  The Airstream is getting pretty crowded with removed walls, couch assemblies, etc. Here’s looking forward to an upcoming weekend with more floor removal and frame exposure.

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