Leaks, more leaks!

So far, all of that window replacement and sealing work has not stopped the river that runs into the front curbside window.  The last few days we had some heavy rain here in Central Texas.  After each storm I made the rounds and checked each window.  The whole streetside is completely dry (great progress!) but the curbside had a small pool (1-2 tablespoons) sitting in the rear two window sills.  Not bad, something a little silicone caulk on the hinge should fix up.

But the front window!  That narrow 19 inch one.  The lower sill was completely full and the upper sill was half full.  I went out during the next downpour and saw that all of the water being caught in the awning rail that runs the length of the Airstream was funneling water straight down the edge of that window.  So that means 2 things: 1) the trailer is not quite level (no surprise there) and 2) I’ve got more work to do sealing that one up.

I need to pinpoint whether the water is coming in from one of the fixed windows (there are two, one above and one below) or the operable window.  It may also be coming in the seam between aluminum panels since that sits just fore of the window.  Argh.  I can see the water streaks on the back of the exterior skin now that I have the inside skins out.  Fortunately that’s the only streaks I can see for now, so it looks like the leaks that caused some of the older floor rot may have been sealed successfully.

New item for the weekend punch list.  I have to get these leaks sealed up before the new flooring goes in.

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