Flooring started!

Since the last update the following has been completed:
– plumbing vent stack covers installed
– air conditioning frame removed
– a/c opening taped over to stop leaks
– side fixed window installed
– multiple window frames scraped, cleaned and sealed with vulkem
– remaining floor bolts and nails removed
– purchased 4×8 foot sheets of Advantech flooring

The big news comes from this past weekend. We traced and cut a sheet of luan to form a template for the front curve of the floor. It took about three fittings/trimmings to get the template properly sized to the front of the Airstream. With the template ready we cut the Advantech board to size. After much wrestling, wriggling and wrangling we wedged the board into place in the front of the Airstream. It fit the curve quite well and completely aligned with the c-channel which rests on top. With that board in place, it was on to the straightaway.

The next stretch was exactly eight feet to the wheel well so it was an easy fit for that board. We plan on offsetting the flooring seams as we work our way back. Advantech is a tongue and groove product but since we need to slip it under the c-channel, there’s not an opportunity to make use of this joint. The boards are butt-jointed and joined from below with shims that span the center four feet of the trailer.

The next step is to bolt the Advantech to the frame and c-channel with elevator bolts. These have an extra wide head that must be countersunk and then tightened from below.

The frame is quite unstable at this point because the c-channel on one side is not attached. It needs to be re-riveted and then the flooring can be fit below it.

Once the flooring is secured in the front 12 feet of the Airstream, the plan is to gut the bathroom and move the parts to the front so that the rear floor can be removed.

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