We received a full set of keys with the Airstream, however we haven’t been able to get the door to lock.  We were fairly confident we had the right key for it, just nothing engaged when we turned it.  After some research on what may soon become our new favorite online retailer and finding a replacement door latch set for $135, I decided to take the lockset apart tonight and see what the problem was.  Everything seemed to be put together correctly.  I cleaned and lubricated all of the moving parts and figured out how the lock mechanism engaged.  Testing while apart seemed to work fine, though the exterior doorknob is a bit loose and doesn’t always allow the engagement mechanism to align (a catch slips around a pin, but if the pin isn’t aligned, the catch doesn’t fit and allows the knob to turn).  There is also a spring-loaded catch that fits into the back edge of the bolt action for further security.  This catch was not elevated enough to fit the bolt so I adjusted the post that worked the spring and all seemed well.  I put the door together and tried it again.  With a bit of jiggling of the exterior doorknob, the lock mechanism now engages and remains locked.  Nice!

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