Airstream gutted (mostly)

Coming off of the Texas Vintage Airstream Rally, we were itching to make additional progress on our own Airstream. Sunday was a full day that started with copious note-taking and diligent photography of all of the remaining interior woodwork and systems.

Airstream curbside full

Airstream furnace location

It was then full steam ahead to disconnect, unscrew and gently pry the catalytic heater, furnace, sink, kitchen cabinets, twin bed, and both wardrobe cabinets out and onto a growing pile in the yard. The pile was looking bigger and the garage was looking smaller.

Airstream innards

We avoided the mistake of last weekend and started cleaning up with plenty of daylight left. We removed both of the wheel well covers and drilled out most of the rivets on the curbside lower skins. We’ll have to disconnect or cut the vent pipe to slip the skin out, but otherwise, we’re pretty close to having everything removed except for the bathroom. Our plan is to replace the front half of the floor, remove the bathroom and store it up front, and then replace the back half of the floor. The garage is officially a tetris tower of Airstream innards.

Airsteam curbside empty

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  1. Yes, a Tetris tower of Airstream parts. My garage is just like that. I often use that word as a very now, e.g. “Yesterday I removed the upper cabinet lockers and somehow Tetrised them into the front of the garage!”

    Looks good, keep it up.