I wish I could say that my lack of posting here was a direct result of spending too much time on the Airstream to have a chance to update the blog. That is definitely not the case though. Instead, I’ve been sitting in the air conditioning of my house researching Airstream parts and longingly looking out the window at the oven that is my Airstream. You see, here in Austin we’ve had over 60 days of 100+ temperatures so far this summer. Trust me, I’ve tried, but working in/under/on the Airstream in that kind of heat just hasn’t panned out for me. A quick list of items completed before the furnace blast arrived (or during temporary cold fronts in the 90s):

  • Removed awning rail
  • Cleaned gunk from the Airstream where awning rail was (22 feet is a long ways!)
  • Removed the old air conditioning unit from the roof
  • Removed all of the cracked/broken vent caps
  • Removed the remainder of the belly pan
  • Painted the front half of the frame with POR-15
  • Removed the lower 19-inch fixed window that was mysteriously broken

Next on the list is to order a new A/C and vent caps as well as a roll of new aluminum for the bellypan. Assuming it will start to cool off in the next few weeks, I’ll be back out there full bore with renewed interest because an Airstream sitting in the driveway for two years just doesn’t sound like my dream of wanderlust.

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