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We’ve had a dream of owning an Airstream from our earliest dating days in Connecticut. Moving to Austin, buying a house together, and having great jobs has led us to get engaged and becoming the proud owners of a ’68 Airstream International Ambassador. We both suffer from wanderlust (some days are better than others) and an attraction to big, shiny, well-designed objects. What better way to pursue both than an Airstream? Follow along as we scrub the deck and trim the sails in preparation of our maiden voyage.

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  1. Hey thanks for your blog! I’m renovating an airstream myself and it’s great to find reference blogs! Keep the pictures coming as well. I’m onto removing the interior vinyl wall coverings right now. Did you do it simultaneously while removing the subfloor? Are you removing the sub floor inside first before removing the underbelly or all at the same time? That’s what I get stuck on – what’s next and in what order!! Good luck and I’ll be following!

  2. Hey, So Cool blog, Me and my fiance are easterners from Pennsylvania and we now live north of Seattle. We just bought a “68 AS Tradewind so now I don’t have watch Lisa with her face smooshed up against the window every time we pass one goin down the road. I was wondering if you could lend a little insight into the restoration process for me. Our AS is actually in really fantastic shape and has much of the original fittings except a counter top or 2 and a few things here and there. However one thing I would like to know is have you had any trouble with the Frame around the Tongue area? I have some rust and even a 1/4 inch hole out front behind the ball hitch. I am pretty skilled as I am aircraft mechanic and can do the wiring and riveting and aluminium work myself but I can’t weld worth a darn? Any thoughts?